Control Your DSLR Camera With Raspberry Pi

raspberry pi So last time I talked a little bit about how to use your Raspberry Pi camera module (if you haven’t read that, please click here). Today, let’s look at another fun alternative: control your DSLR camera with your Pi. I think most of functions that you expect from the camera module, you can achieve via your DSLR  

camera. If you wanna take pictures, DSLR camera is definitely much better than your camera module. Forvideo streaming… well, like I said before, Pi isn’t a strong computer, so you might expect a huge frame rate drop and delay… I will cover how to live stream from DSLR camera in the future, but let’s focus on taking a static picture first.

Things you should have before we get started: 1. Raspberry Pi with proper kits (keyboard, mouse, screen), if you wanna learn how to remotely work on your Pi via your ...

Raspberry Pi Camera Module — How To Live Stream To Your PC

raspberry pi

So I just got the camera module for my Raspberry Pi yesterday, and I’m working on streaming live videosignal from the camera directly to my PC. So without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Before everything, make sure that you get your camera module perfectly set up, and get yourself familiar with the basic commands to control the camera. If you have no clue how to install the camera module, please refer to this tutorial on YouTube:

Once you got everything ready, we can now start streaming some video from our camera to PC.


Connect And Control Your Raspberry Pi Through Windows PC

RaspberryPiConnect and control your Raspberry Pi can save you troubles finding new set of keyboard, mouse, and screen. This tutorial shows you how to get access your Raspberry Pi using Windows OS, and control it with your PC’s keyboard and mouse. Things you need: 1. Raspberry Pi 2. Wifi-network in the house 3. Ethernet cable (wireless works too, but not the focus of this tutorial) 4. PC with Windows OS Steps: 1. download two software on your PC Xming: PuTTY: 2. Turn your Raspberry Pi on and connect it to your wifi router with ethernet cable 3. In your web browser, enter your router setup ip as an admin and enter the setup page to find the IP for your Raspberry Pi The default router setup ips and admin accounts are: - Comcast:   Login name: admin  Login password: password - SMC and Belkin: Login name and password are usually on the router 4. Once you successfully find your Raspberry Pi’s IP (for example:, open Xming and PuTTY 5. In PuTTY,  go to the category tree on ...



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